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Being charged with a crime can be scary

Whether you're guilty or not, getting charged with a crime can be life changing. Most people aren't sure how to react, making the process frightening and hard to handle. If this happens to you, the right legal help can make all the difference.

Every case is different. When you choose the right lawyer, you can count on a defense customized to your circumstances. Whether it's 3 AM or 3 PM, you can always get help when you need it most. Call today for your FREE consultation to see how we can go to work for you.

Make the right choices for you

No matter what you're facing, the Law Office of Mark D. Kargman, Esquire can help. Our experience includes:

Drug Cases

Gun Charges

Aggravated Assault


Juvenile Matters

Domestic Violence

Casino Crimes

• Bail Motions

Get defense in any criminal case

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